Thursday, 28 October 2010

Racing stripes part two: Visvim Fabro Folk loafers

I had actually given up on getting a pair of these. First spotted on their inaugral release quite a few seasons ago, they were an instant hit for me, but in true Visvim style were only available from the FIL store in Tokyo as an exclusive.

About a year later they turned up on general release, with a price tag that made my blood run cold, and certainly way over the 'buy now deal with it later' benchmark I set for shoes.

This summer Hiroki Nakamura incorporated them into his motor racing themed collection by adding some go faster stripes to the heels, and now I have a pair. They're known as the SII, makes them sound sporty.

I know the summer is but a fading memory and the rest of us are thinking boots, but as far as my feet are concerned, it's 90 degrees out there.

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  1. liking the blog graham, great work. mint pair of shoes, first saw these only a few months ago on must look for a pair myself for next summer.