Friday, 22 October 2010

Maserati bike: Nice to look at

It isn't easy translating the engineering quality of motoring on to pedal cycles. I remember an Audi bike once that was an abomination, and even Bianchi's Ducati line left a lot to be desired.

Makes you think that these companies should just stick to what they're good at.

But Montante haven't done a bad job with their Maserati tribute bikes. There are a couple of sit-up-and-beg lady rider numbers which aren't pictured here, and then there is this single speed affair.

The dropped handlebars offer that track bike appeal, but the sheer detail and craftsmanship of the thing (the frame is wood and the bike will have your name etched onto it) leaves me thinking that this isn't really a bike to be ridden as much as looked at.

Which is really what a lot of Maserati owners do with their cars, seeing as they aren't the most reliable on the road.

Probably why they need this bike, actually.Via Freshness

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