Thursday, 14 October 2010

Visvim Zermatt boots: Down at heel

What do you make of this then? Visvim has opted for some freaky heelcap action with its new Zermatt boots and in doing so has launched its latest line of footwear into the realm of Pods or MBTs.

Granted, it must be difficult trying to continually innovate, especially when anyone without their own concept and ideas department is mimicking your every move (adidas), but all the same.

Then again, maybe the jagged heelcap is actually a ruse to expose the copycats. It will now at least be blatantly obvious if this is seen on another brand's designs.

And heelcap aside, this boot is another decent offering from Hiroshi Nakamura. Vibram sole, cork footbed, all that folky vibe stuff that makes you feel like your grand has been well spent funding the hilltribes of Nepal.

But will this ever see the kinds of conditions its name might suggest it should encounter? Not a chance if you ask me.

Via slamxhype

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