Thursday, 21 October 2010

Selectism and David Fischer: Vorsprung Durch Technique (or something like that)

I think Selectism might have been one of the first decent blogs I became aware of. There isn't a lot to it - straight forward info on new clothing and style developments, but it's presented in a manner that implies organisation and co-ordination.

No surprise that it comes out of Berlin, really. Can you think of anything that's come out of Germany that isn't efficient? Just look at Audi.

And that's what I want from a style blog - straight forward, no nonsense German reliability. Informative and delivered to my inbox before I wake up.

So it was nice to discover that the success of Selectism and its bedfellow Highsnobiety is down to quite a nice chap called David Fischer, who has developed the blog into a complete retail operation.

Such a success is it that Gant has made a film about David as part of its promotion of its Michael Bastion designed collection.

It gives me a kind of hope for the future of Openzedoor. Although the reliability side might require a little German engineering.

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