Friday, 29 October 2010

Outlier Liberated Wool Peacoat: button gloom

Peacoats are one of those garments which are fine in principle. The trouble is that in practicality they are useless. It's the double breast fastening - seems quite smart but then just try to get all those buttons done up when you're in a hurry, or undone. And there's that inside button that you can never quite reach to fasten, but if you don't the inner flapp slips down and you look like a wino.

So I gave peacoats up a long time ago. Left them to the sailors.

And then Outlier released this, its Liberated Wool Peacoat, which is manufactured with 2.5 layer technology for weather and windproofness and has an engineered fit for on-the-bike comfort. The wool also stretches.

The most technical peacoat I've seen in a long time and fair play to Outlier for coming up with it. They are, by all accounts, quite proud of their invention.

But the fact is, this is still a peacoat, with all that button fussin'. Which is going to be even more of a chore when you need to ride somewhere in a hurry. I'll make do with a zip, cheers.

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