Wednesday, 25 November 2009

For sale: Supreme Damien Hirst Box logo tee

Here it goes then. One momento of a Saturday spent waiting in line, now available on Ebay. As you will know from my previous post, this is the Damien Hirst Supreme tee I waited outside Dover Street Market to secure, only to find I was number 21 in the queue, when 20 tees were available.

This tee therefore is already blessed with good fortune thanks to one of the Brighton lads who bought it for me along with his skateboard, at great personal risk.

So you are looking at more than a Supreme tee touched by the hand of Damien Hirst (actually it probably wasn't. Ever. More likely a tee-shirt printer). This is a tee also glowing with nice karma. Only good things can happen to you when you wear this.

Shame it's too big for me.

Buy it. Size large.

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