Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Prada lip balm: smacks of luxury

As far as I am concerned, Prada could stop coming up with its dodgy space age looking Eurotrash clothing lines altogether, so long as it keeps producing lip balm.

This is the best thing to have come out of the house of Prada ever. Without exception. It might have delivered a decent jacket or two in its time and somewhere in my wardrobe are some classic pieces which I would be hard pushed to part with, including a wicked chocolate brown manbag.

But I would give it all up for a lifetime's supply of this stuff. These tiny tubes of lip luxury have accompanied me on many a winter expedition, to the top of mountains on snowboarding trips, on -10 degrees stomps around Manhattan. They are a winter essential, a barrier from the elements. As important as a pair of gloves.

I remembered all this as my lips started to crack and split from my first proper, laid-up-off-work-sick coldy thing of the winter. A quick rummage through my bedside drawer later and my lips were softer than a ripe peach.

At least my smackers are doing OK now, even if Lizzie won't come within six feet of me for fear of catching something.

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