Thursday, 30 April 2009

Bape Disney Donald Duck

It must be at least three years age since Nigo produced anything decent for his Bathing Ape label. We're now so far removed from the glory days of queues around the block for shark hoodies or having the likes of Ian Brown and James Lavelle endorsing the trademark camo jackets that you have to wonder at what point Nigo lost the plot.

And if anyone disputes this statement or thinks I'm being a bit harsh on the dimminutive Harajuku Peter Pan, I give you exhibit one: the Bape x Disney Donald Duck plush.

Aside from the fact that this is a pretty lame version of a Donald Duck, there is a place for plush Disney toys and that's in a Disney toy shop. Just because Nigo has fashioned his cuddly toy out of yellow and white camo pattern does not make this cool.

In fact the best thing about this release is the white camo bag the thing comes in.

But maybe the joke is on the bad bwoy gangsta types who have basically hijaked the Bape brand and destroyed any credibility it had left. Leave your bling and piece in the drawer. All you need is your Bape Donald.

As for future colabs, I'm sure Nigo hasn't done anything with My Little Pony or the Tweenies as yet.

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