Monday, 13 April 2009

The (Good) Friday Five 10/04/09

The five sartorial rules I adhere to

1: Colours: Base the outfit in neutral, with splashes of contrasting colour restrained to details. The odd bright jumper in something like a blue is OK. Black, khaki, green, and beige are good base colours. Also, take note of the key colour of the season- this year it seems to be cobalt blue - and buy a couple of pieces in it.

2: Know what works. With my hair, reds, oranges and red-browns are an absolute no-no. I end up looking like an autumn day. Yellow, however, seems to work, as does purple. All in moderation (see point 1).

3: Fit is crucial. Anything that is too big is going to make you look like a sack of spuds. Too small and you'll look like you made a mistake on the washing machine setting. Good fitting clothes will look like they were made for you.

4: Classics: In these days of frugalness it's better to spend a bit more on decent classic pieces which will stand the test of time. Recent investments of mine have included classic shirts from Thomas Pink, a short trenchcoat from Dunhill, and 'Hockney' boat shoes from Visvim.

5: Accessorise. Something men rarely do, but for me the addition of a scarf or a cap will finish the outfit off. But never a scarf and a cap, unless you wish to look like a coal miner.

If this list wasn't called the Friday Five, I would also extole the virtues of a decent haircut, the best fabrics you can afford, and spending as much as you can, usually as much as the rest of your outfit put together, on good quality shoes.

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