Saturday, 18 April 2009

Tai Hachiro glasses update

I am totally out of the running for those Tai Hachiro specs I'd been waiting weeks for Dover Street Market (DSM) to get in.

They turned up on Friday. The price? A mere £520. That's without the lenses. I had to grab a clothes rail to prevent myself from collapsing on the spot.

Funny how things turn out really, because despite the price I had to try them on - in the interests of research - and they looked appalling. Clearly my head is shaped a bit different to the Japanese market Mr Hachiro had in mind when he was designing them.

So I should consider myself lucky - if sterling had been a little stronger against the yen I just know I would have bought them and forced myself to like them, even if I did look like a living Mr Potato Head.

The hunt for some decent and affordable frames goes on.

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