Friday, 3 April 2009

More Visvim for 09

I've been resisting this whole return to the plaid look which kicked off a couple of years ago and now seems to be a staple of all collections.

For one thing it reminds me of a dodgy Big Stuff shirt I used to wear back in the day (late 80s) when the lumberjack look was all the thing.

It's also a look that I cannot associate with stylishness. It just seems too trendy - like one day you will look back at photos of yourself and say 'oh my god what possessed me to wear that?'

Still, never say never. Visvim have been incorporating something plaid into their collections for a while now. For spring summer 09 they've added this Swingtop Jacket, which is the nearest I have got thus far to being tempted to wear plaid.

Although I can't help thinking that I'll end up looking like Richie from Happy Days. Maybe next year.

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