Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Takashi Murakami for Louis Vuitton

The people at Louis Vuitton must be wondering what they'd let themselves in for after they allowed Japanese artist Takashi Murakami loose among their stores again.

Murakami, best known for far-out cartoon characters that resemble shapes of flourescent sick with eyes on them, has worked with LV in the past and is actually responsible for some of the brand's more successful lines, such as the multi-colour monogram and the Monogramouflage pattern which became synonymous with rapping schlebrities last year.

This time round Murakami looks like he's been eating a few of the candy-coloured mushrooms he creates. Key stores have been given the full Superflat treatment - where once was the French brand's brown and gold is now a rainbow of vomit-inducing hues.

There are limited edition purses and wallets and giant alien-looking plush toys that would look equally at home on a fairground stall.

All very twirly girly and guaranteed to prove a flyaway success all round. It just begs the question: what on earth will Murakami come up with next?

Here's one of the videos to go with the launch of the new range. Sick bags recommended.


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