Saturday, 18 April 2009

The Friday Five 17/04

Seeing as I was off to London to indulge in the nation's favourite passtime, this week's Friday Five will be a personality revealing shopping list. Psycho analyse this:

1: Kuumba joss sticks (The Hideout) - White Amber flavour
2: Monocle Magazine (Magma Books)
3: Montana spray cans (white, black, blue, lime)
4: New work trousers (Uniqlo)
5: Tai Hachiro specs (DSM - never bought, because there are limits to what even I would pay)

Now I'm back, and my list has grown, so my next shopping trip might well include:

1: Baracuta / bomber type jack
2: Purple cardigan (cashmere preferably, natch)
3: Large check gingham short-sleeved shirt (Nice one in Carhart)
4: Madras shirt (Supreme / Uniqlo, if I can bring myself to become trendy)
5: Shorts (Uniqlo probably)

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