Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Wii Spray

Not a big fan of video games myself, even the Wii, which bills itself almost as an educational tool, as well as a means of life improvement.

We've had Wii Fit and Wii whatever else makes your life better without leaving your living room, and now you can also become a street level graffiti tagger from the comfort of your armchair. Just think, all the creativity, without the handcuffs. The only issue is, who's going to see it.

That's if the Wii spray is for real. It all seems a bit too good to be true to me, although to look at the video below, if it wasn't the real deal, someone's put an awful lot of effort into hoodwinking us.

WiiSpray Teaser from cldfx.com on Vimeo.

Props to Chapter Section for finding this. You'll find a link to their blog on my Profile.

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