Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Dunhill cashmere sweater

This is a nice jumper. One of Dunhill's latest offerings, looks a bit like a cashmere sweatshirt, and therefore totally versatile over any number of social scenarios.

Not that I should be looking at crew necks this year - if the fashion press is to be believed I should be taking a pair of scissors to all of them and turning them into V-necks, because the V-neck happens to be in fashion this year.

Perhaps I'm getting on a bit, but the knitwear in my wardrobe consists solely of knitwear in crew necks, cardigans and V-necks. They have all been worn in equal measures and until now I had no idea that one style might actually be more in fashion than another. OK, the oither year cardigans had a bit of a resurgence, but from what I can remember I wore them before then, and guess what? I put one on only the other day.

I believe these items are known as wardrobe staples, or classics. Don't let some fool with a few column inches to fill tell you otherwise. There is no in or out when it comes to knitwear, except maybe fairisle patterns, which look terrible all the time.

And besides, if V-necks are in, that's even more reason to buy a crew neck. So buy the Dunhill jumper.


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