Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Visvim SS 09 Swingtop jacket

I do my best not to get too excited about the price of clothes - you pays your money, you takes your choice and if you are interested in the clothes mentioned on this blog then you're more likely than most to be prepared to pay above the going rate in order to secure the best quality or the most limited of releases.

But at what point does the price of garments transcend the mere expensive and move towards ludicrous? For me it would have to be around the point of the Visvim Swingtop summer jacket I've just seen. I might be missing something here, but is this not a straight forward Harrington-type bomber in a light blue? Perhaps it is bulletproof, or perhaps you press a button on the zipper and it turns into a house, or a car, or something similarly useful.

At €1,299 (which these days is the same price in GBP) it needs to have one or two tricks up its sleeve if Visvim is hoping to sell any. I know there's this whole exchange rate issue going on and the price of all imports has risen, but all the same.

You've got to draw the line somewhere.

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