Monday, 27 April 2009

Graffiti temple

With the bike knackered and my finger looking like a female sanitary product, it seemed like a good time to check out some graffiti I'd seen from the train which adorned a solitary wall in the middle of a field.

Two reasons for this. First, I wanted to document it before some jobsworth decided to paint over it or even pull the wall down. Second, I wanted to see exactly how much trouble this person, or people, had gone to in order to spray on a wall that to all intents and purposes was stuck in the middle of nowhere.

Must have walked for a good hour. Followed the railway line along fields and across drainage ditches, like an Essex Indiana Jones, in search of some hidden graffiti-covered temple. Turns out the wall wasn't all that remote after all - it is right next to a level crossing which links two sides of Hadleigh Castle Country Park. I had taken the not-trodden route.

The place was eerie. the spraying must have been done years ago judging by the undisturbed undergrowth. Amazing really that anyone bothered at all given that you can only glimpse a flash of it as the train goes past and there's no other way to really see it.

But it's obviously been there a while, so maybe that's it - if no one knows it's there, they won't scrub it off.

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