Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Woollen sleeping bag Teletubby thing

And somewhere at the other end of the woollen spectrum is this ... thing. It's a kind of bastardised blanket come sleeping bag, good for dressing up like a Teletubby if the urge ever takes you.

Someone in Iceland came up with this, called the Seapelt. It would at least keep you warm in the frozen wastes of the arctic circle. But would you want to keep warm while wearing it? Would you even want to be living? I wouldn't be seen dead in it.

I can think of far better uses for Idelandic wool, like perhaps knitting a blidfold to prevent this aztec-patterned abomination from invading my vision.

Like the baby seals that inspired it, wearers should have an eye out for people bearing clubs. Although you'd have to be a bit mental yourself to have forked out $400 this, so perhaps you're the dangerous one.

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