Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Acronym S/S 09

Acronym clothing is the sort of stuff that allows you to step out of your front door safe in the knowledge that if anything's going to ruin your day, it isn't going to be the weather, or bird crap.

When I've got my Acronym SSJ1 windproof, waterproof, pooproof jacket on, Mother Nature can basically do her worst. Sure enough, on come the winds, the hail, the driving rain but I still make it the hundred yards to the station completely dry apart from my legs. And that's what Acronym's all about. Urban weatherproofing.

So the arrival of the 2009 spring capsule collection in time for the March tornados and the April monsoon provided a little lift to the day.

No real surprises. Out came the staple collection of updated ACR classics. A Goretex jacket here, a schoeller top there. A few bags thrown in and even a cotton cap, as well as the S-J11 Stotz Etaproof Jacket, pictured. All guaranteed to be manufactured to the sort of bulletproof standards which would realistically allow you to go hiking backwards up Everest in, or something equally risky.

Not that you ever would. This has always been pricey stuff, but now with the weak value of the pound, it's going to take a brave soul who parts with £500 plus for a jacket, credit crunch or not.

The high prices are down to the low production runs - the garments are finished by hand, and the materials used.

Some might consider it a small price to pay for looking pristine as that tornado batters all around you. There is one alternative - stay indoors. And where's the fun in that?

Available now at The Glade

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