Thursday, 12 March 2009

Tai Hachiro X Uniform Experiment Fenom glasses

So I'm having a little scan through Ebay and I turn up these Tai Hachiro X Uniform Experiment Fenom glasses, which made my jaw drop.

I hadn't even been in the market for new specs. I'm quite fond of my Oliver Peoples even if the optician did persuade me to add tinted lenses, thus ensuring my inability to wear them at any time other than on bright days or away from the public, for fear of being mistaken for a celebrity.

Reminds me of a time back in the 80s when my mate turned up at the pub on a Saturday night in a pair of new shades, claiming he'd misplaced his spectacles. We all knew he thought he'd look cool, as you always do when you get something new to wear. He actually looked like an emaciated pimp. Especially at 2am.

The Ebay examples don't look like the real deal to me. The genuine items are available virtually nowhere outside of Japan except at Concept Shop, far too pricey.

I ping James in New York - the only other person I know who can understand this obsession for obtaining impossible to locate goods that no one else has heard of. Dover Street Market, he says.

Sure as eggs is hard on the outside, DSM will be getting them in. No idea when. But hey, the graft is done. Now for the waiting.

Don't expect to see them on my face anytime soon.

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