Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Unkle and ting

UNKLE can do no wrong in my book. Not a view shared by many, I know, but I think that's what makes me like James Lavelle's melancholic downbeat breaks even more.

Impeccable taste, 24-carat collaborations and a sound that makes you want to lie down and jump up and punch the air all at the same time. This latest track, Heaven, is from the End Titles album, which, even if you aren't an UNKLE fan, you might be surprised to find the orchestral piece from a recent BMW advert on.

Apparently the footage in the video is from the film Fully Flared. Spike Jonze and Ty Evans edited the footage and gave it to UNKLE to use as a video.

It blew me away. Enough said.

Where did I put that skateboard?

While we're on the subject of tunage, get your ears round Lilly Allen's latest serving. Can't say I even care for her that much but this is as pristine and catchy as pop can get, and you can't fault her lyrics.

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