Sunday, 29 March 2009

Cycle log 29/03/09

Given its distinct lack of mountains South Essex isn't really known for its cols, but there are one of two sizeable hills, if you know where to look.

One of these is the Benfleet Road, from the Hoy and Helmet to the water tower - a steady, draining incline which must be about a kilometre in length. This is about one fifth of a mountain climb in the alps or even parts of the peak district.

A fact which left me a little disheartened when it almost got the better of me. True rouleurs would take in three or four decent sized cols in one stage of a tour, and there was me, lungs screaming, legs at the point of seizing up and I'd only done 1km.

Just made me realise what these people actually have to go through on the tours and also that I am a good few mountain climbs away from being anywhere near their levels of endurance.

One of these days I wouldn't mind doing a mountain, just to see if I get past a km. Somehow I doubt it.

Rapha clobber:
Softshell jacket
Softshell gloves
Winter hat (still)
Fixed shorts
Merino socks
Arm warmers
Short sleeve jersey

Time: 1hr 28 minutes
Distance: 23.81 miles
Average: 16.6mph
Max: 33mph

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