Monday, 16 March 2009


So now the Stussy Store has shut down. Shame really, I've got a bit of their gear. Nice tees, good colours, and the caps were OK too.

But the last few times I visited the shop I couldn't help feeling like they were missing the point a bit.

Once last summer I went to the launch of a collaboration line between Stussy and the Japanese brand Neighborhood, called Boneyards. Evening occasion, bit of an event, they even had a DJ. Creative skater types hanging around outside the shop drinking beers like it was downtown LA, which I guess was the intention.

So I've picked a t-shirt - didn't take long, they were either black or white - got to the till and was told that they weren't actually for sale.

Then I was offered a free beer.

I mean how much more of a gift horse do you want to look in the mouth? A bunch of blokes in a shop drinking beer with money to spend? You could have sold us all Stussy ice cubes for a tenner a pop and we'd have bought them.

I think the idea was that I would get drunk and fall in love with not one t-shirt but the entire collection, go home, not sleep, go back to the shop and sit outside the door till they opened it in the morning and then promptly buy the lot.

But it didn't work like that. I got home, slept and when I woke up, I decided it was a bunch of black and white t-shirts and I didn't really want any of them.

Maybe Stussy should open a bar.

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