Tuesday, 3 March 2009

First up

An interesting email pops up from the boss: “I’m thinking of banning the words ‘nerd’ and ‘geek’."

Why not, I think. Can’t remember the last time I felt inclined to use such expressions so it’s not like it’s going to cause any inconvenience, and if it saves the feelings of anyone who could be described in such a manner for even once then it’s got to be worth it.

General agreement emerges among the raft of ‘Reply To All’s that follow, although it’s never straightforward and someone suggests that these people might actually like it. “Besides, it’s cool. Think of American Apparel,” he says, and I wholeheartedly agree, Think American Apparel indeed. Last time I went in there it was all day glo trackuit tops and spandex shorts. Cool and nerdy at the same time. Is that really what they wear?

But it’s true what he’s saying. These days it’s totally cool to be called a nerd, Thick rimmed glasses are all the thing again, proof if ever needed. Nerds are everywhere, TV, the lot. They build computers and stuff too. It’s like that prophecy “the geek shall inherit the earth”. Or was it meek?

Don’t ban the words, celebrate them. Nerds are good! In fact, give them a bank holiday! If it wasn’t for nerds, would I have anything to write this on?

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