Friday, 6 March 2009

Dead Ape

I never set out to make this blog some kind of fashion bitch rant but there seems to be so much material at the moment that I would be foolish to ignore it.

Following on from yesterday's Kanye West attack on Louis Vuitton, we have a man who until recently I regarded as something of a legend.

I used to be into Bape - really into it. I found out a lot about Nigo, I was a regular visitor to I even queued for hours outside his damn Busy Workshop to get a hoody.

James Lavelle and Ian Brown used to be into it, two of the coolest people in music.

So what happened Nigo? At what point did you lose it? Did the whole monkey thing go to your head?

Because now, someone's got to say it, you look like something out of Billy Smart's circus. And so do all your mates.

Take a tip from England - over here those kecks with the elephant ears that you stick your todger out of are only available in joke shops. And don't even get me started on the day glo jackets.

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