Thursday, 19 March 2009

Visvim Weller Polo s/s 09

Every year around this time I ask myself if I really need another polo shirt. They've been a sizeable part of my wardrobe for decades now, so the answer is invariably no.

Then along comes Visvim with a new line and that's it. Obviously I need one, and I must have it in blue. I don't have a blue one.

The luxury Japanese street brand has never been one for adventurous colours, although this year it has moved on from its monochrome white, black and grey and added red and blue.

It's all about the detail with Visvim, so the cut is spot on, the fabric Sea Island Cotton and as an added bang for your bucks they've stitched a logo on the front.

What more do you want? Contrast piping on the collars? Nope sorry, not this year.

It's anyone's guess where these will be available in the UK, but that just makes me want one even more.

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