Thursday, 26 March 2009

Shades of summer

It's grey and miserable outside so my thoughts immediately turn to this year's sunglasses. My optician, who is not a person I'm inclined to take style tips from, insists that "this year is all about the aviator." Well skizzle my schnizle Sherlock, wasn't it all about the aviator last year too? And the year before that?

To be honest I would have thought that if this year was about anything it would be the Wayfairer, seeing as all the cool kids were wearing them last year and the mainstream is usually about four seasons behind. Even Noel and Liam Gallagher are wearing them, so they're definitely mainstream now. I can just see the Manchester crew making like Crocket from Miami Vice as they dodge the downpours.

So Wayfairers won't be the way forward for me. I'm with the optician, not because he's right, but because he's not wrong. The aviator shape has become a classic, and that wins over 'on-trend' all day long for me. I'm trying to ignore any Top Gun references.

I've narrowed my selections down to the Tom Ford Camillo or Dita Flight (both pictured, the Tom Fords are black and gold).

I'll probably go for the Tom Fords on the basis of availability. Dita, being Japanese, are virtually impossible to track down in the UK.

As for the sun, that's proving even harder to come by.
PS: I have been informed that the actual 'on-trend' sunglasses for this year are Rayban Clubmasters, which are essentially half-rimmed Wayfarers. So I was half right.

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