Tuesday, 31 March 2009

How to ruin a good watch

I once thought I could make money out of buying and selling watches, so I invested in a limited edition RAF Red Arrows Breitling chronograph. It featured the Red Arrows squadron crest on the right hand side of the face and on the left a picture of one of their Hawk jets. These details turned what was a beautiful watch into something resembling a children's toy. I lost a lot of money on it.

Breitling happens to be the worst culprit in devaluing its brand with limited editon releases. As well as the aforementioned Red Arrows edition there is also an edition bearing the Bentley logo, aimed, presumably at those Bentley owners who also wear the t-shirt and fly the Bentley flag atop their garage. There are no doubt countless other commemorative pieces I have yet to discover.

I was put off the Omega Seamaster 007 edition because Omega has actually added the 007 logo to the other end of the second hand. Precisely what image is that going to portray as you order your vodka martini and your watch slips from under your cuff? Do you hope your lady friend might, perhaps, assume you are an agent of M16? Or Bond himself?

Which brings me to the TAG Heuer Monaco Twenty Four Concept Chronograph 40th Anniversary edition (pictured). Understated in matt black with only the addition of the orange and blue Gulf colours and logo to the face.

Lovely watch, granted, but it does kind of imply that one has a Scalextric installed in the loft.

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