Monday, 30 March 2009

Supreme Kuumba smelly stuff

I never thought I would get excited about joss, or 'incense' sticks until I got a noseful of Kuumba. This is incense but not as you know it - none of that jos stick stench that seeps its way into your Ligne Roset sofa and remains there for the next two weeks. This is an altogether more refined, less smoke-filled room experience.
Probably why Japanese incense brand Kuumba has elevated itself above your traditional tree hugging hippy joss stick image to release a number of collaborations with upmarket streetwear labels.

It produced an air freshener with Stussy last year and exclusive scents in collaboration with Undefeated, Clot, and Supreme.

This season's Supreme Kuumba kit comprises incense stick holder, and a tube of joss sticks. It will smell nice, and you will like to look at it. You never know, you might even make new friends. That's how great this stuff smells.

Finding a stockist is a different matter. Try The Hideout.

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