Sunday, 8 March 2009

Cycle log 08/03/09

The wind this morning was like cycling against a wall. I tried, I really did, but I couldn't get past 14mph on the way home, or out of fourth gear, no matter what I did.

It had all been so much different on the way out. I was turbo charged, pushed along on the breeze, overtaking cars, topping 35mph on the downhill stretches, unstoppable. I was overtaken once by a mountain biker as I slowed at a zebra crossing, but his victory was short lived once I got my speed back up. I even passed a couple of fellow rouleurs who were asleep at the wheel, piddling along while I made a valiant attempt at the world speed record.

At Shoebury I turned round, and then it hit me. Force 9 straight in the face. My 30mph record was ancient history. All that mattered was getting home. Within half a mile the burn set in, my thighs felt like they were going into meltdown, it was all I could do to stop going backwards.

Rouleurs on the easterly route zipped past, going like the clappers. Little did they know the torture that awaited. The sky was blue, the sun was out and there was me, head down, looking no more than ten feet ahead with one thing on my mind - getting back.

You've got to love the wind.

Time: 53.11
Distance: 14.05 miles
Average speed: 15.8mph
Max speed: 36.9mph

Rapha clobber:
Softshell jacket
Fixed l/s jersey
Softeshell gloves
Winter cap
Fixed shorts
Merino socks

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