Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Adidas Originals behind the scenes: You can't buy cred

I can just about forgive Ian Brown for being involved in this whole Adidas Originals street party campaign thing. He is, after all, the sportswear king - he was probably born wearing a tracksuit top.

Kazuki, I'll forgive him too. Those plaid three-layer jackets he's come up with (he's wearing one in this video) are among the best things I've seen sporting an Adidas logo.

When I think about it, what I really dislike so much about this initiative, and Nike's NSW streetwear equivalent, is that it's so good. But only because they've unashamedly ripped off the idea of reinventing and technically updating streetwear classics from the likes of Visvim.

Using their considerable financial muscle, they've persuaded Kazuki from Fragment Design to add that touch of refinement they've been so clearly lacking.

But can you buy credibility? If so, how many "cool" faces does it cost? How many shots of skateboarders and graffiti and rooftop parties?

I don't personally think Adidas could ever spend enough. In fact the more they spend in reinventing themselves, the more annoyed I will become. Even if I do like that jacket.
And while I'm on the subject of Adidas, what the hell is that Star Wars line? Are they having a laugh?

Visit the link for interviews with all the other stars involved in the Adidas advert.

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  1. That was one of the most uncomfortable interviews I have seen, he clearly turns up for the freebees!

    `Its classic but its always new'..... right then!