Monday, 22 March 2010

Thom Brown for Supreme: The oddest collaboration

I would never have put Supreme together with Thom Browne. It just doesn't seem right, a skate label getting into bed with a name I thought was more known for formal wear, and not the slickest formal wear at that.

But then Supreme does have a history of odd collaborations. It has committed some unspeakable style crimes with the North Face and lived through it, after all, and there are a few other dodgy associations.

The saving grace of these shirts is that they do seem to look quite nice. A bit tight maybe, but that's going to be a good thing when you consider the usual loose fit of Supreme's shirts. And besides, the Oxford weave and button down collar are a classic.

But out of the two, I reckon Thom Browne is going to get the most benefit out of this. I mean I wouldn't have even looked at any of its stuff before. In fact this collection aside, I probably never will.

Via Slamxhype

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