Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Steve McQueen: Style legend

Here's a few shots of Steve McQueen kicking back at home with the missus, having a cuddle, aiming his gun, and even here he still looks the part.

You can see why he's been such a style influence all these years - those are some nice outfits he's wearing, every bit the American beach house look.

I'd have that house for sure. Maybe update the kitchen and the TV, but all the same. I wouldn't mind his Porsche 550 Spyder either.

But put the gadgets and the clothes and the guns aside, and what really made McQueen such an icon was his manner. Like he couldn't give a toss.

And that's the definition of style, to me.

And to that end, Steve McQueen, I salute you. Even with your guns.

More Life pics of McQueen on the Sartorially Inclined blog.

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