Wednesday, 24 March 2010

iPhone: Like a black hole for your time

I was a bit disappointed when I got the email from upstairs, which basically said "we no longer deem you important enough to have a work mobile phone."

Cost implications aside, which if you want to get picky about it, amounts to a pay cut, I initially took the loss of the work Blackberry as an attack on my very existence. A further erosion of my employee benefits. Then there was the paranoia - was this move intended as a precursor to my iminent departure?

Who knows. But one thing is for sure. If I never see another Blackberry Curve in my life it would be too soon. Those things are the spawn of the devil. Built for people with thumbs the size of matchsticks, and programmed with a life of their own and a hotkey to 999 whenever they're put in your pocket.

Besides, I had been regarding the gradual iPhone take-up of my peers with more than a little envy. Here was a slick, cutting edge device that not only made calls and received emails - it let you look at websites as they were supposed to be seen, told you what the weather was like in Mongolia and played music. And while the Blackberry would let you do all that if you got a degree in Blackberrying, the iPhone was simple.

Now I have one. Which is why you might have noticed my blogging dropping off over the past couple of days. Because it sucks your life away like nothing I have ever known. I've added my stocks, synced my iTunes, looked up websites. Downloaded a game party pack. I don't even play games

Then there is the problem solving, which so far has taken hours in only one area - my ringtone. I can't transfer my Gizmo ringtone over because I can only use purchased songs as ringtones. But I can't use a song I've purchased because I can't connect to the iTunes store (an error has occurred). Don't ask my why I should even need to do that anyway.

Then there are the headphones, which are, to put it mildly, embarrassing. Like putting cloth seats in a Porsche. What was Apple thinking?

But faults aside, when you've had a Blackberry, even a turd with buttons would be an improvement.

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