Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Yuketen Country Loafers: Unboxing

I've been busy with the video function on my camera again, this time to film the unwrapping of my beloved Yuketen Country Loafers. I feel privileged to have even been able to buy these - they sold out almost instantly and it was only by chance that I logged on to the Inventory just as they were put up. The only advantage I have found so far to working in the evening.

I was going to get the US10, because that's my size in Nikes. But that had sold out so I went for the 9.5 and they slip off my heels. So there are now two lots of insoles in them, but I'm guessing they'll soften up and grip my heels better anyway.

If you ever come across Yuketens for sale don't sleep on it - buy them. You won't regret it. But measure your feet first.

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  1. Man. What is this song. It is rich and compelling. Hook a brutha up

  2. It's the Duke Spirit, Now Be Still.