Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Scarlet Johansson in Iron Man 2: Once bitten

In the absence of anything else remotely interesting to post on right now, I bring you Scarlet Johansson in spandex.

This is what she will be wearing when she teams up with Robert Downey Junior to fight baddies in Iron Man 2. Which kind of gives you the impression that while it might be the flattering option, she got the bum deal when the invincible body armour was being dished out. Unless Stark Industries has diversified into womenswear. Three guesses where they'd put the warheads in their Iron Woman suits.

Readers of the Iron Man books would no doubt have a clue as to the role Black Widow plays in the story. With a name like that it's not hard to work out that she's probably got a nasty bite.

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