Thursday, 11 March 2010

Banksy: The missing link

We've been privvy to a few glimpses into what makes the iconic artists of the street generation tick recently.

We had a look at Futura's office the other day, and now we have a selection of Banksy's sketches to browse over.

To be honest these fascinate me more than the works themselves. They offer that missing link between what goes on in his mind and what he puts on the walls.

And quite a witty little collection it is, too.

In other Banksy related news, Robbo's been at it again, adding his little touches to well-known Banksy pieces all around the capital (below) in a tit-for-tat campaign that started with Banksy's cusomisation of Robbo's 20-odd year old bubble piece down on the Regent Canal. Banksy seems to have let this lie some time ago, but the whole episode seems to have given Robbo another lease of life.

One thing that has crossed my mind, given that only a few people know the identity of Banksy is that he might actually be Robbo. Banksy was revealed by the Daily Mail (the only paper that speaks the truth, according to my dad) as Robin Gunningham. Robbo could well be a nickname of Robin. Mere coincidence?

And I know I've put that suggestion out there before, but I'm waiting for someone to pick it up and run with it, so expect to see it again.

Via Slamxhype via Arrested Motion

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