Saturday, 27 March 2010

Bleak as Belgium and twice as wet

I wouldn't usually offload my troubles on here but this week has been a shocker.

This has been mainly due to Orange and their apparent inability to transfer numbers to the correct phone.

And work, which I'm not going to talk about. Apart from to say that if your paper was late this morning it was probably because of me.

So after a week like that there was only one thing to do this morning - get the bike out. The sun was shining, spring was on the breeze, and I set out with a sigh of relief and my shades on.

Somewhere between Great Wakering and Rochford, probably around Barling, I thought to myself, 'this must look a lot like Belgium,' flat as you like, bleak, a bit grim.

Just to reinforce the point it began to rain. Which made it seem even more like Belgium. I've never been, but I'm guessing it must rain a lot.

And then it really came down. I'm talking torrential. Roads turned into rivers. I started to worry about the camera and the phone and the water resistant merits of my Rapha gilet. Then it rained even harder, and I thought 'sod this,' and aborted the ride.

As I cut back through the streets of Southend, I looked skyward, not for the first time this week, and said: 'Thanks very much.'

Roll on next week.

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  1. You poor chap. I am trying to imagine this scenario, being in a 6 month drought with vicious, melanoma-inducing sunshine beaming down on us day after day in Western Australia. However, on reflection, I think I prefer our predicament. At least we can cycle unhindered by the weather, as long as it's done early in the morning or in the evening.

  2. Graham..... you got out, so there is a plus in there somewhere. And of course, must be time to think about the Rain Jacket then, don't want to get caught twice!!!

  3. I admire your glass half full philosophy Mark. As for the rain jacket, I doubt it would have helped much in that deluge!

  4. I got out that way yesterday, wind was full no, one's slipstream to get in on - but the sun was out and by the farms over the back it was so quiet! Always feel its like winding through France somewhere..