Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Banksy: Exit Through the Gift shop pop up cinema

Only Banksy could lure the art lovers of the middle classes by their thousands to a tunnel underneath a railway station. He's done it already, when he held his 2008 Cans Festival in Leake Street, the sort of place you would quite understandably expect to get mugged.

Maybe he's bought the rat infested throroughfare, because he's back there again, this time converting part of the tunnel into a cinema, which he's called the Lambeth Palace, decking it out with some reclaimed seating and industrial lighting.

Here the nocturnal spraycan man will be screening his film, Exit Through the Gift Shop, which he previewed at Sundance earlier in the year.

Well, it wouldn't have done to show it in the Odeon, now would it?

Get your tickets here.

Note: I think all the tickets are now sold out. But apparently it will be screened in cinemas, so perhaps the Odeon might show it. You never know ...

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