Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Rapha long sleeved shirt: Too nice for riding

I've often wondered if Rapha actually thinks any of its customers are filthy enough to sit around at work in the same gear they just cycled there in. No matter how leisurely you ride, you'd have a hard job not getting up a bit of a sweat, and after a few hours at your desk you'd be kicking up like an old sock.

Which kind of makes the whole line of city-type garments a bit redundant. At least it does if you're thinking of cycling for more than five minutes in it.

But the thing about this line is that if you take away the cycling associations, you have a collection of garments unparalleled in fit, cut and materials, with some subtle twists that even dedicated menswear designers haven't thought of.

Add to that Rapha's choice of wicking materials and the end result is sharper than your average designer clobber, and at a very competitive price.

That's why I've got my eye on the new long sleeved shirts. Just look at the fit, it's perfect.

But there's no way you'd catch me getting it stinky on a ride, that's for sure.

You'll find it here, when it's released

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