Sunday, 28 February 2010

It's a loaf-off: Visvim Fabro Folk v Gucci loafers

There's no disguising of the Italian influence with the new Visvim shoe lines. Both the Fabro Folk and the Moc Denim Folk offer a little more than a nod to the loafers Gucci has been churning out for yonks.

But Gucci has been taking a few tips from Hiroki Nakamura too. I can't imagine it would have occurred to Gucci to add a trainer sole to their loafers before Visvim started doing it. Or to extend their trainer line at all. It wasn't long ago that all Gucci offered was a couple of suspect looking abortions made out of monogrammed canvas. Hardly subtle.

So Gucci and Visvim seem to have done each other a bit of a favour. But who pulls it off the best?

Put your preconceptions of the brands and their associations aside for a minute and check out these two loafer offerings.

Which one would you go for?

The Visvim is above, the Gucci one below.

Available from The Glade and Gucci

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