Wednesday, 3 February 2010

How Jeff Koons does it

Out of all the artists' studios I would like to have a look around, Jeff Koons wouldn't have even figured. I like his work, but I don't really regard him as inspirational to the kind of stuff I churn out.

That was until now. This is Jeff Koons's studio and I know without any shadow of a doubt that if I were to have a proper studio rather than a spare bedroom, it would look like this. Spotlessly clean, everything in its place, more a paint laboratory than a studio. And all those acres of space. An optimum setting for creative activities.

And a whole bunch of helpers running around for you.

None of this wondering where you put your paint brush, or narrowly avoiding painting an arm of a shirt you have hanging out to dry. Imagine the freedom.

Still, a look at the pictures is enough to fire the imagination a bit. Now where did I put that paintbrush?

Images via Slamxhype via Artinfo

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