Monday, 15 February 2010

Centurion trailer: the trouble with blokes in skirts

You've got to love the Romans. All that armour, the helmets, the swords, and yet they never got the hang of wearing anything other than skirts.

Is it any surprise that their empire crumbled? Who's really going to take you seriously if you're prancing about in a leather mini skirt for work and a toga on your day off?

OK, it took a few hundred years for them to fizzle out, but the rot must have started somewhere.

Still, they were helped along the way with little episodes like the disappearance of entire legions. Which is where this story comes in.

The legend goes that 3,000 legionnaires were massacred by the Picts - a warlike band of English lunatics. Centurion the movie is about the half dozen who might have survived. That's the great thing about ancient history motion pictures, you can make stuff up.

They're all dead now anyway.

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