Monday, 22 February 2010

Supreme SS10: Double bubble

When it comes to value you can't go far wrong with Supreme. As the exchange rate takes a good hiding and all those desirable labels from the more quality end of streetwear price themselves out of the market, Supreme has, for the most part, remained relatively affordable.

You can still get yourself a tee for less than a nifty, and even the pricier hoodies and sweats are of such a high quality that you don't mind forking out a few extra quid. And the great thing is that alongside all those 'clever' t-shirt prints that mean absolutely nothing to those unfamiliar with the brand, New York based Supreme also does some respectable pieces, verging on prep, with a big nod to skating.

How could Supreme offer even better value?

It seems the answer lies in the new SS10 swingtop (Harrington to you) jackets. On one side you get a nice plain single colour, and on the reverse a look-at-me plaid or monotone gingham. Two jackets in one.

Double the value, or half the price, depending on your perspective.

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  1. Graham,

    Enjoy your blog and please keep up the great commentary and advice. Just want to ask your opinion on this season's Neighborhood and w) taps, with the Long Riders shirt in particular. You can find a picture here.