Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Tom Ford SS10 collection

I'm going to carry on with the Tom Ford thing for another post, get it out of the way.

He might be the darling of the St Tropez Eurogay massive, but I would wear Tom Ford's stuff. In all honesty at his prices you wouldn't catch me wearing anything but his sunglasses (there's better stuff out there Tom) but I can see where he's coming from and there's no denying the sharp cut of his jib.

Judging from the colour in this collection, we've stepped definitively away from the blacks and monotones Mr Ford has been better known for, and towards a camper pallette.

No doubt why they chose a model who looks like he wants to smash your teeth in. Takes the edge off the gayness.

That said, this lot was designed for Tom Ford by Jon Kortajarena. So that's where the peacock look comes from.

Via the Fashionisto

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