Wednesday, 24 February 2010

A reader writes: NBHD horse play

Ray has asked my opinion on this season's Neighborhood collection, in particular the Long Riders shirt, pictured above. So rather than just add another comment below his comment and leave you wondering what the hell we were talking about, my reply is below:

Is this a trap Ray? You're not going to tell me you painted those horses or anything are you?

Assuming you're asking for an honest opinion I can only say that if I wore this shirt to my local pub I'd be unlikely to make it out alive. I mean the top half is OK, you could wear it with a cardigan. But what if you got warm? What if you had to expose the full splendour of those galloping mares? It's like you're wearing a still from Rawhide.

That would be when you would wish you had one of those horses tethered up outside, in order to make a swift getaway.

Unless of course you are a truck driver, or a country music enthusiast, or both. In which case this kind of attire is virtually uniform.

Thanks for the comment Ray, I hope that helps.

Please note: The actual shirt Ray referred to is in a red plaid, and can be found at Union in LA here, should the urge take you.

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