Monday, 8 February 2010 European website: Better late than never

There was a time when the news that Bape is launching a European website would have been music to my ears. In fact, the availability of this brand at the touch of a button, away from the dubious 'is it fake or not?' Ebay lottery would more than likely have sent me spiralling into bankruptcy as I got buried under shipping-containers full of ape branded merchandise.

It was bad enough having the Busy Workshop at the other end of the train line, within range of an early morning excursion to queue up for the shark hoodies (which I never managed to get).

But the days of Bape hysteria are over - for me at least, and, I would suspect, everyone else. Because that's why Nigo has resorted to a for Europe.

So just when nobody wants the stuff, he decides to make it available. Clever.

On the other hand, that new Ursus line has already peaked my interest. Maybe I'll have time for after all.

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