Monday, 25 January 2010

Andre sinks the pink

How many people have wanted to do this to the signage at Louis Vuitton? It's been left up to French graffiti artist Andre, or Mr A as he is known in the art circles, to fulfill a dream for the rest of us.

To be fair, he might have committed the act, but Louis Vuitton has to take part of the blame. For a start they put the arty party on for him, supplied the alcohol, then let him loose with the spray can.

A decision one fellow female partygoer was most likely regretting when Andre carried on his artwork along her inside leg. Obviously that kind of thing is all in a day's hedonism, but she didn't seem too pleased to have her crotch sprayed lurid pink.

Those knickers will be on Ebay in a few days.

Andre is exhibiting his paintings at Collette in Paris from February 1. The show is called drawings. That's one below.

Via slamxhype

View the party video here

Video via Seek and suggest

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