Sunday, 24 January 2010

A question of greed

There really isn't a lot I wouldn't do in the hope of receiving something for nothing. Obviously that excludes things like burglary.

Take the IT department survey. The uptake of this periodical attempt to guage their effectiveness has evidently been rather low in the past, so in an attempt to spur a bit of motivation from the workforce, this time round the survey was delivered along with the chance to win an iPhone.

All I had to do to enter the iPhone draw was fill in the online questionnaire, which I dutifully did. In hindsight, I could have been more complimentary.

But then the whole point of the exercise was to be honest. How else would they know what was going wrong? How else could they fix their problems? That's why they made the survey anonymous, surely.

Then, at the end of this marathon box filling exercise I was faced with the toughest question of all. One which required more courage than honesty.

It said: "In order to be entered into the prize draw please provide your name and extension number."

I looked at that box for what seemed like an eternity, a question of my own running through my mind: "iPhone or career?" After all, IT can access anything. They're like the Matrix. Just think what they could load onto my desktop in revenge.

I chose the iPhone and filled in my name.

You never know, I might win.

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