Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Lavenham: Hooray for the quilted generation

The quilted jacket is no stranger to the streets of London. This has been staple attire for many besuited City workers during the colder months for years. As for Chelsea, the horsey types were trotting round in them back in the Eighties.

How this garment came to be adopted by the City Boy is anybody's guess, although common sense would suggest that the more traditional bankers kicked the whole thing off by adapting their country wear for work.

The brand of choice is usually Barbour, not least because most City Boys are unaware of any other label which produces a quilted jacket.

But another quilted jacket is vying for Barbour's crown, produced by a little-known British brand called Lavenham. This is a brand with the country set at heart (it also produces horse blankets) but which is having a go at adapting its lines to accomodate the more sartorially minded squire.

So you get your quilted jacket in a slimmer cut, with nifty detailing.
More to the point, it is becoming the choice for the more styleworthy hooray City type. A more informed choice, perhaps.

Now Lavenham might be getting a bit ahead of itself, showcasing its autumn winter 2010 collection when we're still shivering in this one. Mind you, it should give you something to look forward to.

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